Mortgages and

The real estate agency Abitare in Salento guarantees you assistance and advice for the identification of the best financial solution that best suits your needs; to buy a property it is often necessary to apply for a mortgage, but it is undeniable that these last years, characterized by a strong economic situation with the consequent close of banks in the provision of mortgages, have had the effect of discouraging some customers who have come to us disheartened, convinced that they have no chance of success, for this reason we will guide you in this path and we will be able, thanks to the collaboration and the agreements with some of the main Credit Institutes and being able to avail an in-house consultant in banking with specific multi-year experience in the Mortgages and Loans sector, provide you with a feasibility assessment based on your repayment capacity by providing you with precise information on the amount of loan you can access or the type of financing necessary to complete your real estate purchase.