and renovation


The real estate agency Abitare in Salento is able to offer you an exclusive design service for your ideal home, with the "turnkey" formula, thanks to its proven collaboration with architects and engineers of undoubted skill, professionalism and experience.

Aware that the design of a house is not a process that the architect does alone, but it is an operation that the designer, on the other hand, goes hand in hand with the client, with whom we need to establish a dialogue that is as open and collaborative as possible. In this sense it can be said that a good designer must above all be able to listen, while the best client must have the ability to transmit their needs and desires in an effective and articulated way and this is precisely why our professionals will put facing solutions that are finite but variable according to your tastes and needs.



If you buy an old house, you may find yourself in need of renovation, the Real Estate Agency Abitare in Salento will guide you and advise during this delicate phase, being able to take advantage of qualified professionals who will suggest the best alternatives of restructuring both external that of interiors that are more suitable for your needs, to make your home more comfortable.

We will help you:
- identify the necessary interventions to be done,
- eliminate any moisture problems,
- suggest which type of thermal insulation and which types of systems to install
- define the quantity and quality of the interventions

More often than not they are good ideas and attention to details that make the difference in renovating a home by giving it back its old charm linked to the past; The Abitare in Salento real estate agency will provide you with the solution best suited to your needs.